How Do Online Casinos Influence Commercial Real Estate?

Not many people will consider thinking about how an online platform may influence commercial real estate. In some ways, it has many influences. In many instances, online gambling has affected real estate prices directly.

In the USA, this is not as applicable as with some other countries. China and the Philippines are countries that use online casinos for real estate revenue. Although gambling is illegal in the Philippines, they do welcome online casino operators to startup in the country if they buy commercial property and begin an online casino for people from around the world. This brings operators venue and helps the commercial real estate.

Chinese online casino operators have occupied 30 percent of the 775.000 square meters of office space built in the Philippines. These operators also buy and rent apartments and flats for their employees which then influences commercial and residential real estate markets.

Looking at land-based casinos it works differently towards commercial and residential real estate than with online casinos. With land-based casinos, there are many questions that need to be asked before a casino can be built in a city. The impact has a lot to do with the neighborhood in which the casino is constructed.

When there is another casino in close vicinity to the planned casino it might influence the neighborhood badly as it will not be a tourist destination and be more dependent on local gamblers. Studies have shown that property next to big casinos tends to sell for cheaper.

With online casinos such as playstar, there are no direct influences such as with landmark casinos. Online casinos draw customers from around the world and do not need to establish an image towards a certain neighborhood or community. Online casinos also provide employment to individuals from around the world.